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Our denturists can advise you based on your needs and situation.


Implant-Supported Dentures in Montreal North and Villeray

With the help of metallic implants that are attached to the patient’s bone tissue, dentures can become as stable as natural teeth. At Les Denturologistes St-Louis, our team of professionals also installs dental implants in Montreal North and Villeray.

Implant and Mini Implant Installations

Mini implants are tiny dental implants that look like little screws and mimic the root of a natural tooth. In most cases, they are made of titanium and their surface is sprayed with calcium phosphate. Because of the way mini implants are structured, they promote fast healing and durable results. They comfortably rest on the gum tissue and are highly resistant.

Mini Implant Advantages

Mini implants are truly innovative for denture wearers who don’t want to undergo invasive dental surgery. The main advantage of mini-implants is that they present a viable solution for patients who have experienced significant bone loss. They generally serve to stabilize a lower dental prosthesis, but can also be placed anywhere in the mouth.


The entire mini-implant installation process should take around an hour to complete. Please feel free to get in touch with our team for more information.

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