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Get Smiling Again

Our denturists can advise you based on your needs and situation.


Dentures in Montreal North and Villeray

Dentures replace one or more teeth that could not be salvaged any other way. At Les Denturologistes St-Louis in Montreal North and Villeray, our complete and partial dentures are created by professional members in good standing of l’Ordre des denturologistes du Québec.

Complete Dentures

Commonly known as dentures, these prostheses replace all of a patient’s teeth on the upper and lower jaw. Made of acrylic resin – a resistant material that imitates the natural appearance of teeth and gums – they can be removed overnight or to be cleaned. For increased stability, they can also be kept in place with the help of dental implants.

Partial Dentures

Unlike complete dentures, these are designed to replace one or more teeth. In addition to making smiles more uniform, this type of denture can improve speech and chewing. The materials used to create the teeth and gums are similar to what is used for complete dentures. A metal structure and clasps help hold everything in place.

Denture creation steps


If you live around Villeray or Montreal North and you are looking for a denturist who practices in a modern clinic, give Les Denturologistes St-Louis a call. Our professionalism and high-quality denturism services have been enhancing our reputation since our inception!

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