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Orthodontics at Centres Dentaires St-Louis in Montreal

For orthodontic care in Ahuntsic, in Montreal, Centres Dentaires St-Louis employs the traditional method as well as the new revolutionary, invisible method called Invisalign. Read this article to learn more (in French only).

Orthodontics is a dental specialty that aims for the correction of the poor positioning of the jaws and teeth,

thereby encouraging proper occlusion, esthetics, and function of the bone bases. Centres Dentaires St-Louis has several orthodontic devices to meet your needs.

For a consultation, make an appointment with Dr. Mounaim Azmi at our clinic on Jean-Talon Street.

Orthodontic treatments are available only at our Clinic on Jean-Talon Street.

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Invisalign Technology

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An Innovative Treatment

Centres Dentaires St-Louis offers Invisalign technology, a patented computer-aided technology that enables the correction of malocclusions and poor dental alignment without the use of metal braces. This technology allows you to visualize the steps of the treatment as well as the expected results ahead of time.

An Invisalign treatment starts with an orthodontic exam with imprinting and x-rays. After the study of the particular case, the patient can virtually see their treatment by computer and see the different stages that it will entail. After this first visit, clear plastic aligners are custom made specifically for the patient. These aligners will have to be worn for two weeks to see the effectiveness of the treatment.

Schedule a consultation today for a radiant smile without metal braces!

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