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Your Teeth and Your Health

Good overall health requires good oral hygiene. Many factors have a direct impact on your dental health, from eating and tobacco habits to keeping oral infection at bay, etc. 

Food and Dental Enamel

In order to maintain healthy teeth, and in particular, healthy enamel, care is recommended when consuming acidic foods, such as fruit juices, citrus and soft drinks. Snacking and eating fruit before dairy is also to be avoided, as dairy has the natural property of protecting your teeth from acid attacks. 

Damaged Teeth and Infection 

If a tooth is fractured or damaged and then not treated properly, it can develop an infection, which can then get into the lymph or blood stream. You need good dental hygiene and prompt treatment of damaged teeth to prevent infection. 

Harmful Effects of Tobacco 

Smoking is harmful to your oral health. Not only does tobacco yellow teeth, but it can also cause gum infection (gingivitis) and more serious problems.

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